Beer for May 22-23

*Please note that our tap room is currently closed and we are not doing growler fills until further notice.  We are still open for take-away bottle sales.*

Bottle Shop Hours:

Friday 12-6pm

Saturday 12-4pm

Beer Availability:

Double Drink Me – Double IPA – 473ml Can – $7/EA, $26/4-Pack

We Miss Growlers – West Coast Triple IPA – $7.5/EA, $28/4-Pack

A Handful of Darkness – Baltic Porter – 355ml Can – $4.5/Ea, $16/4-Pack

Clowder – Barrel Aged Sour with Cherries – 500ml – $12

Bastet Pêche – Foeder Aged Sour with Peaches – 500ml – $12


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