Beer for November 1-2

Cats in Space – Double IPA – $12/1L – $20/2L

Vanilla Latte – Coffee/Vanilla Milk Stout – $9/1L – $16/2L

RIPA – Rice IPA – $10/1L – $18/2L

Simcoe Pale Ale – Pale Ale – $8/1L – $15/2L

Bastet Noir – Foeder Aged Sour w/ Blackberries – $12/500ml Bottle

Saison Blush – Puncheon Aged Saison w/ Lime & Hibiscus – $10/500ml Bottle

Double Oak Bastet Sauvage – Barrel Aged Sour w/ Sauvignon Blanc Grapes – $10/375ml


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